About Electroacoustic Music

Electroacoustic music is music whose sound incorporates electronic tools and instruments, including software, in its production or performance.  Electroacoustic music often seeks to explore all the sonic possibilities of new technologies, and it includes both works performed live on stage and works created in the studio and played back in concert, the latter sometimes called “cinema for the ears.”

Fixed Media denotes music or video that is played back from a recording.  This used to be called “tape music,” but tapes are no longer used.

Sound installations (related to sound art and sound sculpture) are an intermedia and time based art form.  They are like an art exhibit but with sound and/or visual elements.  Often, they are interactive and will change depending on where and how you view them.  Some of the installations are NYCEMF 2017 will be presented in galleries or their own enclosed space, while others will be shown as a day-long exhibit in one of the concert spaces.

The 16-channel sound localization concert hall, installed in the Experimental Theater, consists of sixteen loudspeakers arranged in an octagonal pattern surrounding the audience on two levels, one low and the other high, allowing sounds to be located surrounding the audience and moving left to right, front to back, or up and down.

Curated concerts are all the works were proposed by an individual or institution and reflect the esthetics and capabilities of the presenters.