Visiting New York

Restaurants and Markets

Some suggestions re restaurants and marketĀ options.


Parking is not easy in NYC but …. here are some options.


It is best to bring a credit card to purchase many things in New York City, rather than cash.


New York City has an extensive subway and bus system that can handle any local transportation. We strongly advise you from bringing an automobile into the city. It will cost a great deal to park, if you can even find a space, and you will not get around as quickly as with public transit. If you want to bring a car, stay somewhere outside of the Manhattan, such as Long Island City or New Jersey. The subway maps can be accessed here. Any of these maps can be printed, or downloaded as a PDF. Access to the subway is via a metrocard, details of which are explained here ( A single ride costs $2.75, but it is best to purchase a card with multiple rides, which can be bought from agents at subway booths or from vending machines. These accept cash, credit or debit cards, and they are located in all subway stations even when the toll booth is closed.

Taxis are expensive and are not recommended except in case of emergencies. It is not necessary to take a taxi from the airports, which can be especially expensive and no faster than public transit to get to the city.

People arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport should use the airtrain (, which is free within the airport. The airtrain travels between all terminals and parking areas of the airport and has a connection to the Long Island Railroad Station in Jamaica, from which you can take a train to Pennsylvania Station, which is at Seventh Avenue and 34th Street. Exiting the platform at Jamaica Station costs $5.00, which can be charged on a metrocard that can be bought at the exit. Pennsylvanis Station has connections to the 1, 2 ,3, A, C and E subway lines.

People arriving at La Guardia Airport should consider using the NYC Airporter (, a bus that goes to hotels and train stations in Manhattan (Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station). The fare is $14.00. The M60 city bus also has connections to the F, G and R trains of the New York City subway.