Steering Committee

Hubert Howe, Director and co-founder


Ioannis Andriotis, composer and audio engineer, Oklahoma City

Angelo Bello, composer, New York City

Nathan Bowen, composer, Professor of Music at Moorpark College

George Brunner, composer, Director, Music Technology Program, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Daniel Fine, composer, New York City

Travis Garrison, composer, Faculty, University of Central Missouri

Douglas Geers, composer, Professor of Music at Brooklyn College, CUNY

Michael Gogins, composer, Irreducible Productions, New York City

Elizabeth Hoffman, composer, Professor of Music at New York University

Hubert Howe, composer, Professor Emeritus of Music at Queens College, CUNY

Howard Kenty, composer, New York City

Judy Klein, composer, New York City

Levy Lorenzo, composer, percussionist, electronics engineer, instrument designer, New York City

Akio Mokuno, composer, New York City

Michael Musick, composer, faculty of Sonic Art, University of Montana

Eric Lyon, composer, Professor of Music at Virginia Tech

Dafna Naphtali, composer, performer, educator, New York City

Tae Hong Park, composer, Music Technology and Composition faculty, New York University

Daniel Pate, performer, Stony Brook, NY

Izzi Ramkissoon, composer and performer, New York City

David Reeder, composer, developer, installation artist, New York City

Paul Riker, composer, Lead Audio Development Engineer, Visualization Lab, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Margaret Schedel, composer, Professor of Music at Stony Brook University

Madeleine Shapiro, cellist, New York City

Joshua Tomlinson, composer, faculty of music technology, University of North Florida

Mark Zaki, composer, Professor of Music at Rutgers University