Friday June 25

The Festival has started! In addition to our daily music programs, we also have interactive installations, live papers, and live workshops throughout the week! Please refer to our updated program booklet for all of the latest information at

To participate in our remote paper and workshop sessions please sign up via below links and thank you for those that have already signed up!

For papers sign up here.

For workshops sign up here.

Once you have signed up we will send you a session zoom link to the email you provided.

For fixed media concerts, please see the Program Book and play pieces from the hyperlinks in the book.

Workshops scheduled for today include:

2 PM – 3:30 PM
Drake Anderson

Indra Virtual Score Software for Networked Musical Performance

Indra is a new virtual score software platform designed for live networked performance in which a conductor improvises with an ensemble by arranging the notation that appears on musicians’ screens in real time. In this workshop, I will introduce the Indra platform to composers, conductors, and performers attending NYCEMF who may be curious about using virtual scores. This workshop will be presented virtually.


Before the workshop, please download the zip file from
the following link: This
bundle includes the most recent release of the software
and some demo files we will use during the workshop.
Installation instructions and full documentation are
available at

Suggested Software

Please note that Indra runs in Max. If you do not have
Max installed on your computer, please download it from before installing Indra.
(You do not need a Max license to run Indra.)

Direct link to software (anonymous): ads/2020/10/

Public link to software (not anonymous):