Thursday June 24

The Festival has started! In addition to our daily music programs, we also have interactive installations, live papers, and live workshops throughout the week! Please refer to our updated program booklet for all of the latest information at

To participate in our remote paper and workshop sessions please sign up via below links and thank you for those that have already signed up!

For papers sign up here.

For workshops sign up here.

Once you have signed up we will send you a session zoom link to the email you provided.

For fixed media concerts, please see the Program Book and play pieces from the hyperlinks in the book.

Workshops scheduled for today include:

2 PM – 4 PM
Filipe Leitão
Film Scoring

This workshop is designed to provide participants an introduction to scoring for motion pictures. Aesthetics and psychology of mood music, functions of film scoring, and scoring procedures will be covered, as well as practical methods of scoring will be demonstrated. Requirements To fully take advantage of this workshop, it is recommended that participants have experience producing music using a DAW software.

Suggested Software:

Spitfire BBC SO Discover (free or $50)
Spitfire Labs (free)

4 PM – 5 PM
Brian Ellis accessible tools for building AI-powered musical interfaces

Incorporate AI-powered motion capture into your creative practice! is a toolset that allows you to work with state-of-the art models for pose detection, hand detection, and emotion recognition, and pipe the output into projects with NO CODE! In this workshop, participants will be guided through creating a simple project to introduce them to the toolchain with Max/MSP, and if time permits, a second integration with their favorite DAW. Participants will need a computer with a webcam and basic knowledge of Max/MSP, but I aim to make this workshop as accessible as possible, so if any of this sounds interesting, you should show up! Also see video description here:


Max/MSP and computer with webcam
Suggested Software