Registration fees shown here are for all festival attendees and participants. The registration fee includes a printed program book and admission to all concerts held during the festival. NYCEMF T-shirts are also available for sale here at a special pre-festival discounted price of $15.

Early registration is over, all fees are now regular price.

The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival is not sponsored by any institution and receives less than ten percent of its operating expenses through grants. All that we ask artis8ts whose works are performed at the festival is to purchase a complete set of tickets to the festival through payment of the registration fee. We would also like you to attend all of the events at the festival, or at least as many as you can. If you are unable to attend, we would like you to give the tickets to someone else who could come, but even if you cannot come, we still need you to pay the registration fee. All monies collected go directly to the production of the festival. We seek to build a community of composers, performers, visual artists, and the musical public who are actively engaged in, following, and contributing to the development of electroacoustic music as one of the most innovative, experimental, exciting and technologically progressive areas of new music in the world.

Choose which items on this page you wish to purchase, and click the “Add to Cart” button. This will take you to a page where you can submit your payment via Paypal, or you can return to this page any time to add more items. The “View Cart” button will also take you to a checkout page. When selecting the main registration option, please make sure to include the Submission ID Number of your accepted work. This will ensure that your registration fees are processed appropriately.

Conference schedule overview here.
Conference schedule detailed spreadsheet here.
Map of all ICMC venues can be found here.
Map of installation venues can be found here.
Rehearsal schedule for Loreto (Sheen), Hewbrew Union College,  Grand Halland Fridman Gallery (Late Night).

ICMC-NYCEMF 2019 Registration

Daily registration – $120

Individual Concert Ticket – $20

NYCEMF t-shirt: $15

2019 t-shirt