List of Accepted Works

Listed in alphabetical order as of 21 April 2019

The schedule of performances is being prepared and will be posted here soon.

690 M. O. Abbott White Standee Line
570 Iddo Aharony falling out of time
486 Jay Afrisando The (Real) laptop Music :))
552 Marc Ainger Music for Orchestra and Computer
822 Miriam Akkermann Shadow play in New York
390 Antonio D’Amato Béatitudes Iysergiques
802 Daichi Ando Whitehearted for tenor sax. & computer
725 Nicoletta Andreuccetti Resounding Resonances
322 Abby Aresty Moments
497 Chris Arrell Video 65
935 Massimo Avantaggiato Et erit Lux Lunae sicut lux solis

727 Girilal Baars R*****d
546 Ali Balighi Chahar-Rah (for 6 laptops)
274 Christian Banasik Retweet K. (Ver. 2)
628 Erich Bargainier Light Shards
147 Natasha Barrett Dusk’s Gait
508 Scott Barton Tempo Mecho
9 Brian Belet Loose Cannon
678 Jonathan Bell In Memoriam Jean-Claude Risset
358 Angelo Bello Extremens
25 Mattia Benedetti Se Qatre Khun (Three Drops of Blood)
44 Christopher Biggs A Letter to the Moon
113 Manuella R. Blackburn Snap Happy
388 Sergio Blardony Tracto
209 Daniel Blinkhorn kibuyu
1013 Georg Boenn Ad Infinitum
960 Jason Bolte Ambient-P
549 Yaroslav Borisov Precise time
801 Francesco Bossi broken lines over the silence
779 Paul Botelho S:ta Karin and Helge And, Visby
861 Jeffrey Bowen What Will Sound (was already sound)
789 Nathan Bowen The Vast Majority
1010 Zachary Boyt A Need to be Free
506 Matthew Briggs I’m Not Speaking English
576 Paulo Brito …nothing but a string of songs
136 Lars Brondum When the Sky is Low and Heavy
198 Julius Bucsis Sentinels Along the River of Time
318 Rainer Burck Lamento industriale

885 Rodrigo Cadiz Hapsis
955 Cadric Camier Spinning in a room
855 Juan Parra Cancino TNchain_JI*JP_NY19
42 Nicola Cappelletti “11235855”
547 Tate Carson And the water receded
132 Gustavo D Chab Spiral Voice
224 Se-Lien Chuang ignition 50 for ELAK
979 Nicolas Chuaqui Memories
285 ding-ian chen Sprawl
614 Xiaohan Chen Friends in travel
809 Bin Cheng The Mortal World
588 Kyong Mee Choi Pendulum
387 Leo Cicala Khoisan
667 Martina Claussen Cri (Schwebungen II)
898 Giulio Colangelo Organismo Aperto No. 2
348 Chris Corrigan Is Fada an La
429 Robert Cosgrove coat for laptop ensemble
460 Tiernan W. Cross Noether / 106-0045
366 Flannery Cunningham Eh/k/oh

77 James Dashow Soundings in Pure Duration N. 7
750 Krissy Dejuri Chiroptera
553 J. Diaz Helen in Boston
34 Paul Dibley Below thre Forest
616 Stylianos Dimou Machine Learning
692 LanQing Ding The possibilities of freedom
574 Andrew Dolphin; Ben Ramsay Crizzle
827 Xiaojiao Dong Suspension — for fixed media
270 Jacob Duber tell me i’m alone
888 Onur Dulger Irk Bitig for cb. paetzold and live-electronics
109 Melissa Dunphy June
586 David Durant The Called Has Again …

84 Gerald Eckert about water III
262 Sebastian Edin Sojourn
207 Jacob Elkin Metropolis
174 Brian Ellis Small Music
451 Jon-Carlos Evans; K. Ramsay Dreampop Dysphoria
392 Marc Evanstein Barlicity, for piano and fixed media

263 Libby Fabricatore phase transition
131 Hongshuo Fan Handwriting WuXing
744 Epameinondas Fassianos ElectroSantouri
612 Mark Ferguson Deadwood
972 Ivan Ferrer-Orozco Corrosion resistance
273 Massimo Fragala Impressioni
255 Enrico Francioni All in bass
502 Jacob G. Frost My Fingernail Choir
245 Nicola Fumo Frattegiani Gusseisen

163 Larry Gaab Words Halfway There
803 Alessio Gabriele Ame lie
359 Orlando Garcia separacion
761 Douglas Geers Sapling
239 Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena Barne
592 Nate Ghormley Riding the Wavetable
740 Nicola Giannini For Hannah
138 John Gibson Almost an Island
649 Michael Gogins
685 Matthew Goodheart Berlin Head Metal – I
882 Gerard Gormley Odessa
193 Joel Gressel Moving On
93 Ragnar Grippe Sculpting Moments

948 Nathaniel Haering Shenanigan No. 1
895 Federico Camara Halac Say Under
72 Charles Halka Expand, Contract, Breathe, Weep, Bellow
526 Bruce Hamilton Maive
945 James Harley Wild Fruits 3
841 Jing He Across the time (Exp. mus for sines…
980 Mara Helmuth Sand Dune
569 Oliver Hickman Tight Ratchet
879 Hannah Hitchen Anthro
48 Pinda Ho Parle Do I
814 Ulf Holbrook Forest Glade
904 Eric Honour Still, In Motion
833 Daniel Höpfner; M. Samarotto untitled av
406 Christopher Hopkins Touché
2 Hubert Howe Inharmonic Fantasy No. 9
347 Nicholas J. Hubbell Apollo
806 Guo Huimu MaWeiPo
731 Peter Hulen Wobbly
701 Hsien-Te Hsieh Crazy Kitchen!

116 Hiromi Ishii Ryojinfu

124 Wilfried Jentzsch Maqam_Evolution for Alt- Sax. & Elect.
951 Man Jie Enchanted

829 Sergio Kafejian From Scratch
384 Konstantinos Karathanasis Pollock’s Dreams: Liquefied Sounds
660 Natsuki Kawakami Style of Bird
713 Daisuke Kawashima Timpangee 02
412 Jorday A. Key God Ourselves
519 Jack Kilgore Dusk Walk
853 Deborah Kim Rhythms of Rain (for Janggu and fixed media)
343 Jihyun Kim BA-bel
383 Kwangrae Kim Echoes
493 Connor Kirts; J. Baguyos Suite from Soundtrack+
804 Shelly Knotts Project Group
705 Yuriko Hase Kojima Fossil Ripples: Memories of the Ocean
603 Panayiotis Kokoras
998 Zachary Konick Amalgam
168 Gintas Kraptavicius Vintage Dig
269 Benjamin Krumwiede Variations on Isolated Sounds
810 Liona Kuo Rainy – The Train Image

349 Silvia Lanzalone Skene
469 YunCi Ceci Lau Whisper In the Dream
329 Fernando Laub Bestiario
733 Reuben de Lautour Echoes of the Inveigled
975 Erik Lawson C Evert, M Navratilova, French Open 1985
524 Sangwon Lee Torturing Piano
99 Censong Leng Jiang Xue-For Guqin, 8 channels
739 Andrew Lewis Skyline
595 Junzuo Li Style, Color and Space
389 Wuan-Chin Li Summer Morning Rain
695 Yingzi Li Pieces of recollection & remaining imp.
920 Yunpeng Li Song of across the river
128 Stephen F. Lilly Invisible Lines
212 Sohyun Lim Disjunction
707 PerMagnus Lindborg Golden City Variations 2
123 Cort Lippe Cerevo
962 Philip Liu Resonance Morphology
434 Peiyue Lu Aquatic Cubes
765 Eric Lyon Stratospheric

200 Sai Ma The Dying Albatross
918 Robert Mackay Living Waves
753 Dave O. Mahony Radio Click Suite
156 Chris Malloy Cold Light
764 Linda Marcel Absurdity
420 Ariannys Marino Nocturnal Musings
235 Jose G. Martinez Elastic Skin
14 Devin Maxwell Cloudseeding 9 – Wind Harmonics
734 Andrew May Ada
445 Dariusz Mazurowski VIVA L’autummo
27 Robert McClure Struggling in Excess
194 Robin Meeker-Cummings Vivify
470 Joshua Michal Thunor’s Gate for horn and live electronics
76 Bradley J. Mikesell II The Greatest Country
102 Scott D. Miller Paganini Monotype
50 Scott L. Miller Accretion
282 Asako Miyaki Hidden Garden
52 Takashi Miyamoto Fragments for Viola and Computer
832 Kobayashi Mizuki Ike-Bana for violin and computer
386 Mikako Mizuno Wind Cave
356 Benjamin Montgomery Machine
767 Lara Morciano Liphyra
944 Takeyoshi Mori Into Immense Circulation

183 Kaira Nagashima nu2
738 Dafna Naphtali Clip Mouth Unit
620 Ben Neill Fathom

721 Christina Oorebeck Keychain
1022 Naotoshi Osaka Kakekagami for Cello and electronics
172 Felipe Otondo Night Study 2
941 Zeynep Ozcan Inconnu

584 Cristiana Palandri A Fragmented Deity
11 Theocharis Papatrechas Pictorial Fields: Traces in 1A
75 Sue Jean Park Panorama for alto sax & el. accompaniment
511 Juan A. Parra TNsolo_NY19
720 Jingran Peng Song of the Mulberries
191 Sylvia Pengilly Maze
145 Li Pengyun XingCao
582 Omar Peracha Colour Etude II
22 Mark Phillips Favorable Odds
950 Jean Pichardo Azul de manana
295 Russell Pinkston Zylamander, for Horn and Computer
907 Michael Pounds Steelwork
158 Mahoor Pourmoghadam Another World
830 Danielle Pozzi CK91
759 Robert Pritchard …to travel the distance…

92 Mengjie Qi Breathing
430 Meihui Qiao; Heru Zhao Genealogy
624 Shuang Qu Bouncing

413 Laurie Radford Event Horizon
402 Raphael Radna Etude: Splice-Tone Melody
900 Lucas Rei Ramos Peito de Lobo
47 Kory R. Reeder Eyes: Open
411 Leah Reid Crumbs
241 Clemens von Reusner Anamorphosis
382 Michael Rhoades Cylindrical Dimensions
496 Carter J. Rice Grain Elevator
583 Bradley Robin; Sara Church Becoming
265 Claudia Robles-Angel BLOSSOMS
464 Jessica Rodriguez LUCID
319 Silvia Rosani The Day I Woke, I woe on Churchyard Hill…
391 Robert Rowe Melting the Darkness
636 Timothy Roy Behind the Back
518 Bahar Royaee Kucha Lar
476 Anna Rubin A Small Impromptu God of the Partial
844 Jessica Rudman My Father was a Ventriloquist

928 Malcolm Sailor Improbably
68 Riccardo Santoboni Terra (Tenor Sax and Fixed Media)
877 Timothy Sapp There is a Piece Missing
59 Ayako Sato Kishimu, irodoru
206 Dimitris Savva Moments of Liberty III: Standing Without
452 Antonio Scarcia Interludio (“And I rejoice in my bonie Bell”)
878 Margaret Schedel After Apple | Box
408 Robert Seaback Mutation (as the mark that noise leaves…
337 Kyle Shaw Intra-
728 Lin Shen Chanting Changing
316 Meifen Shih The Death Gaze of a Whale
870 Kang Shinae Aruna for voice and electronics
863 Domenico de Simone BIOS
222 Patric Simmerud WO
297 Nikhil Sighh Passacagia for 30 Lazy Guitars
770 Phillip Sink To See in Color
484 Johannes S. Sistermanns Questoning the e_cho
70 Andrew Smith Axiomatics
425 Daniel Smith Spirits of the Deep
537 Jorge Sosa Cells
127 Adam Stanovic Metallurgic
474 Michael N. Starck Ueberlastung des Systems
715 Ewan Stefani black drums rolled
201 Rand Steiger Cyclone
405 Eli Stine Vestigial Wings
63 Jeffrey Stolet ImPossible
346 Robert Strobel Patient Chances
558 Chenyu Sun Sonnet of Light, Shadow and Illusion
218 Hua Sun; Jinshu Feng Crazy Fabric
712 Stevie Sutanto inMemory [sound-ritual]
656 Hayley Suviste NGC4993
902 Kotoka Suzuki Utterance in Motion
539 Tibor Szirovicza Alchemist for violoncello and soundtrack
45 Fred Szymanski Horn Volley

514 David W. Taddie Category 5 (Echoes)
1003 David Taddie Wayward Country
640 Akira Takoaka Vanishing Trajectories
340 Kivanc Tatar et. al. Revive
395 Jorgen Teller Plane Z’s
778 Matthew Test Bloop: A Cyprid Opera in 9 Acts
513 Maxwell Tfirn Sign Interrupt Cycle
351 Zach Thomas Husk
251 John Thompson Into the rarefied air
482 Robert S. Thompson Flora of Fynbos
684 William Thompson Telephone
192 Seth D. Thorn Windowless
542 Adam Tindale; A Tarnawsky Improvisation for Computer Musicians…
288 Yu Chung Tseng I Sing and the Moon Wanders
257 Hans Tutschku dark matter – avalanche

258 Kyle Vanderburg Tempest in a Teakettle
939 Dan VanHassel Fracture
122 Juan Carlos Vasquez A Chinese Triptych
487 Mark Vaughn Basketball and Cricket
899 Amber Vistein I Grit My Teeth Against the Glacier

214 Chi Wang Qin
313 Jun Wang Door of the soul
23 Steve Wanna Edge of Sound
301 Rodney Waschka A Portrait of :Larry Austin
217 Andreas Weixler Waterghosts
304 Caleb A Westby Translucents
31 John Wiggins I am Not a Composer
755 Adam Wilson Plectrodon
424 Alyssa Wixson The Mine of the Unconscious
777 Jonathan Wilson Ghosts Before Breakfast
633 Scott Wilson Dark Matter (3 movements)
992 Ross Wrightman Synchronisms No. 11 by Mario Davidovsky
215 Yifan Wu A Glove with some Sensors

730 Wanjun Yang; J. Han; Y. Xu Spring Breeze Sweeps bynd. Yumen Pass
1017 Woon Seung Yoo; Ji Won Yoon Lapsus linguae (ver. 3)
794 Yuan-Yi Fan Structural Analogy – IV
419 Gayle Young Burrage Lake; Avalon Shorelines

999 Sunhuimei Xia The Book of Poetry
417 Xiaozhou Xiao Dislocation
609 Du Xiaohu Twinkle

227 Mark Zaki be still and wait without hope
710 Qian Zhou Varying II