Registration 2022

Registration for the 2022 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival is now open! Registration options are available for artists selected to participate in the festival, and for members of the public interested in attending the festival. Please select one of the following options to continue:

Updated 19 May 2022


Housing Is Now Available!

The New School for Social Research is making 2022 Summer Housing available to attendees of the 2022 NYCEMF.

  1. Go to Starrez Housing.
  2. Click on the 2022 Summer Housing link at the top of that page
  3. Click on the SAVE & CONTINUE buttons until you get to the Registration form.
  4. Fill out the Registration form, then click on the SAVE & CONTINUE button.
  5. On the Group Selector page, you will be asked to select a group. Select the 2022 Electroacoustic Music Festival Group.
  6. On the Room List page, click on the Add to Cart button to select your room.
  7. Check out and pay!


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